Friday, 1 April 2011

My Very First Blog Award

OH MY GOODNESS!  I am so excited! Today I have received my very first blog award from the wonderful Brooke and the award is the 'Stylish Blogger Award'. 

This gift comes with the rules that I must follow in order to accept this award.


  1. Thank the person that gave this award to me and link it back to their blog.
  2. Share 8 things about myself.
  3. Pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered and am inspired by.
  4. Leave a comment on their blogs so that they can pass along the recognition!
  5. I need to go on each of my inspiring stampers sites and tell them that I think they are all winners in our stamping world and then have them pass along an award of recognition to some other lucky stylish bloggers out there.
Firstly then, I would like to thank Brooke for giving me this wonderful award!  Although we have not known each other long in the 'blog world' she has been a true inspiration to me!  She has such beautiful projects on her blog so make sure you visit her there and have a look around.

Now 8 things about myself:

  1. I would love to be able to drive a HGV lorry!
  2. My day to day job is a cake decorator
  3. I love camping and we have our own touring caravan
  4. My favourite drink is bacardi and coke
  5. I love the programme Holby City
  6. I am far too soft where my sons are concerned lol
  7. I am a chocoholic
  8. I would love to move to Cornwall and have a pretty little cottage
Now I would like to share this wonderful award with:

Please make sure you visit their blogs and have a look around!

I am very proud to have received this award...thank you again Brooke!  I am now going to visit them all and tell them what an inspiration they are to me.

Tracey xx


  1. Hi Tracey,
    Thank you so much for thinking of me I really appreciate it and I'm so pleased you like my blog...Love your list,we have something else in common as well as the crafting we have a touring caravan as well,you never know we might end up on a site together some time...
    Mandy x

  2. Hi Tracey

    Firstly, well done on your first blog award, I remember my first one, it's SO exciting!

    Thank you for thinking of me :) I do already have that award, but I am always so pleased when someone thinks my work is worth an award, so thank you ever so much, that's really sweet of you! I'm not feeling so great this weekend but as soon as I'm up and running properly again I will post about it on my blog.
    Take care, hugs, Ruby x

  3. OMG, OMG, OMG! Thank you so much for thinking of me, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this! I will most certainly link you up to my blog when I post (tomorrow, I hope!) I am speechless! (hmmm, one of the 8 things about me~~I'm NEVER speechless!)LOL~~you made my night! (PS, I am still inundated w/company, hahaha!)

  4. Thank you Tracey. I was stunned and really appreciate it.You made my weekend. I have been enjoying looking at everyones blogs. Boy there is a lot of talent out there.

    Have a wonderful weekend


  5. I'm sorry it's taken me SO long to blog about your lovely award, but I've finally posted today! Thank you again, it was so sweet of you to think of me!


Thank you to everyone who leaves a comment, I love to read them and they are greatly appreciated, hugs, Tracey xx

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