Friday, 7 October 2011

Back To Blogging At Last!

At last I can get back to blogging again! I've not had a computer for the last few months as my laptop broke but its now fixed and I can start writing my blog again and upload my cards that I make!

I've been away so long it all feels really new to me again lol but it's exciting!

I've recently made a lovely card for a wedding so I will upload the pics over the weekend.  I'm also preparing to make my christmas cards.  I usually end up buying them but I promised myself that I would definitely make them this year.

I'm also still suffering from a shoulder injury that I did at work last December which has caused me to be off work since then!  I'm due to have a steroid injection in the next week or so and some physio sessions so hopefully this time something will work as all other treatments have failed or else the next step will be an operation which I hope won't be the end result as I need and want to get back to work!  It feels like ive lost nearly 10 months of my life and I just want to get living it again!

Anyhoo I shall be back tomorrow with some pics :-)

Tracey xx

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  1. Glad you are back Tracey and sure hope you are feeling better hun. Always fun to get back in the swing of things. So glad I found you at CMC. Your Cricut cover is gorgeous. "Hugs" Carol


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