Monday, 21 November 2011

Easel Card On A Box With Drawer Tutorial

I wanted to share with you how I made an easel card with a drawer underneath so that I could put some notelets in as a gift (or you could put anything else in that you wanted).   

Because the majority of the cards I make are 6" x 6" that was the size I decided to make. I originally saw the box design on Splitcoaststampers  which was a smaller one but I wanted to make a larger one so I tweaked the design and this is my take on it.

What you will need:

3 sheets of 12" x 12" heavy cardstock (I used 300gsm)
Scoring Board
1" circle punch
Cardstock and paper to decorate

First you will need to cut the 3 sheets of heavy cardstock to the following measurements:

1  x  9" x 9"
1  x  9 1/16th  x 7 9/16th (A)
1  x  9 2/16th  x  7 10/16th (B)

Firstly score the first sheet (9" x 9") at 1 1/2"  on all 4 sides.  AFTER you have done the scoring you will need to trim 1/16th of an inch off all 4 sides, you must REMEMBER to do this AFTER as this is to allow the drawer to fit in the box so it can be pulled in and out easily.

Next I cut up to the score line on all 4 corners and glued together to form the drawer.  I then measured the centre of the drawer and used my 1" circle punch to punch a half circle to allow the drawer to be opened.

I next scored the last two pieces of card each at 1 1/2" along the TWO short sides and along ONE of the long sides.  Then I cut up to the score line on two corners.  They are both cut differently as shown. 

I then glued the two flaps onto the outside of the smaller piece and glued the two flaps on the larger piece onto the inside, this is so that when they are glued together there are no flaps on the inside part where the drawer goes so that it does not catch on anything when being pulled it in and out.  I marked these pieces 'A' and 'B' to help me to remember which piece fits inside the other.  'A' is the one which is the slightly smaller piece which will fit inside 'B', the slightly larger piece which will form the box.

Next I glued the two pieces together.  I have used wet glue on this project that way it will make the box stronger and also it will allow you a little bit of time to form the box whereas if you use double-sided tape it will adhere straight away and not allow you to line everything together neatly.  Once this is dried you will then be able to put the drawer in.

When glueing and forming the box and drawer please take your time to get all your corners nice and neat so they match up properly otherwise this will affect the look and operation of the box and drawer.

Next I made a 6" x 6" easel card which can then be decorated along with the box so it matches. It just then needs to be glued onto the top.  (I have done a seperateTutorial on how to make the easel card).

I hope you find this helpful and understand my instructions.



  1. Found your site from Christine Harrop.
    Am I glad I found you, off to get the housework done and finished to I can have a go this great Tutorial.
    Thanks so much for sharing

    Patricia x

  2. Patricia beat me to it! I was about to say I made your drawer easel card and it is brilliant. I showed it on my blog today ands put a link to your tutorial. I hope that is okay with you!

    Christine x


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