Saturday, 9 June 2012

New Baby Card

Happy weekend everyone!  Today I have a card for you (shock horror lol).  I have such a lovely parchment book full of baby cards called Baby Treasures by Linda Williams that I decided to make one for my BFF Kerry who had a baby boy on Wednesday.  The parchment pattern was for a twin pram but I adjusted it to a normal one.  I havent done any parching for a little while and it was so nice to do, I was really pleased with it!

Hope you all enjoy your bit of sun today, whoever has been lucky enough to see some, its coming over cloudy here now :-( 

Happy crafting!



  1. Its beautiful Tracey well done x

    Linlin x

  2. You really have a great idea in creating such baby cards. It's good to know that it is also possible to create personalized theme for your card.


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