Thursday, 7 June 2012

Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

Today I'm posting a picture of my sewing machine cover that I made.  Although I have a bag for my sewing machine, when its out for a while it gets dusty so I thought I would quilt a cover for it. 

You will notice, if you have looked at previous posts, that I have used the same material yet again lol!  It is dwindling away now so I really do think I should invest in something different!  The cover was so easy to make, I just measured the height, width and depth of the machine and cut out the fabric to the size needed.  I made a lining too and put some batting between the layers before sewing together.  I then put 3 button that I had covered on the front.

I have also been making a cover for my Grand Calibur and yes it is in the same fabric lol!  At least everything will be matching!  Once I've finished it I will post a pic.

I have spent today making a card out of parchment for my BFF Kerry who had a baby boy yesterday.  I have seen pictures of him but am hoping to visit later today and get a cuddle off baby Freddie :-)  I will post pictures of my card tomorrow as I have still got a bit to finish on it.

Happy crafting!


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  1. The Bag Sewed with a machine at home looks really cool and the design and stitches are looking professional and this can carry lots of cloths and accessories.


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